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What do six amusement centers, nine ski resorts and over 500 miles of outdoor trails have in common? They are all found within Davis County, Utah, a destination where visitors are never bored. Relic completed a successful rebrand for Davis County in 2020, creating a new logo and tagline that showed off the exciting area. What was originally Davis County Tourism and Events became Discover Davis with a new tagline “Utah’s Amusement Capital.” The rebrand highlighted a myriad of ways for families to enjoy the entertainment and outdoors in Davis County.

Discover Davis resides north of Salt Lake City, Utah and is the perfect area for family fun. There is something for everyone between Lagoon Amusement Park, SeaQuest interactive aquarium and four other amusement centers. Davis also boasts Antelope Island State Park, the Great Salt Lake and nine ski resorts to explore. Relic aimed to boost tourism growth and market the area’s activities with the rebrand.

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Relic’s rebrand captured the entertainment and outdoor adventures of Davis County. Using the RACE method, internal teams worked together to pinpoint the biggest attractions in the area. Relic then brainstormed a new logo and tagline that reflected those attractions.

Relic’s new logo for Discover Davis is a perfect illustration of “Utah’s Amusement Capital.” The symbol is shaped like a D, for Davis, with the backbone curved to represent the gravity-defying Cannibal ride at Lagoon. Within the D lies the iconic Wasatch Mountain Range and gentle waves of the Great Salt Lake. The mountain and waves also represent the local Antelope Island State Park. Shooting stars illustrate the Hill Air Force Base planes rocketing above the mountains.

The new brand demonstrates the thrill of screaming on a roller coaster at Lagoon, roaming with the bison through Antelope Island State Park or dining at one of the many local eateries. Discover Davis allowed Davis County to share “Utah’s Amusement Capital” with locals and visitors. This rebrand shows the importance of creating a strong message that reflects the unique nature of a destination.

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