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Bryce Canyon

Since 2014, Relic has worked hand in hand with Bryce Canyon Country  to attract and distribute visitors throughout the destination. Covid required an immediate pivot and our team jumped into action.

Take Your Time

As a continued effort to position Bryce Canyon Country as an extended-stay destination, the “Take Your Time” campaign was built on the simple message that you get more enjoyment when you slow down and fully appreciate a destination.

Our team managed everything from campaign concepting to multi-channel execution, and we’ve become even bigger fans of Bryce Canyon Country in the process.

Bryce Canyon Country // Take Your Time // TV Spot 1
Bryce Canyon Country // Take Your Time // TV Spot 2
Bryce Canyon Country // Take Your Time // TV Spot 3

for Days

Bryce Canyon Country // Adventures for Days Campaign

Many visitors come for Bryce Canyon itself, but the DMO works hard to introduce visitors to the other amazing things to do and experience in Bryce Canyon Country.

“Adventures for Days” was a very visually-driven campaign designed to showcase the exciting potential for extended stays, as opposed to just stopping at Bryce while passing through. The campaign was strategically linked to featured itineraries to make travel planning easy.

Bryce Canyon Country // Adventures for Days // TV Spot


Bryce Canyon Country // Homemade Hoodoos Social Campaign

How do you keep a national park in people’s minds while the park itself is temporarily closed to visitors? We managed a creative mini-campaign across social media focused on hoodoos – the unique, majestic pillars of stone that distinguish Bryce Canyon National Park,

The #homemadehoodoos campaign drove engagement with Bryce Canyon County’s own social media accounts while also producing user-generated content.

Your Dust

Bryce Canyon Country // Upgrade Your Dust Recovery Campaign

As travel restrictions eased in Utah in 2020, Bryce Canyon Country needed a campaign to let people know that there were safe and responsible ways to come back and visit.

As a region known for its red rock beauty and miles of hiking trails, our Bryce Canyon Country recovery campaign focused on the invitation to trade the dust of isolated home-dwelling for the exciting red dust of recreating in Bryce.

Bryce Canyon Country // Upgrade Your Dust Recovery Campaign // TV Spot 1
Bryce Canyon Country // Upgrade Your Dust Recovery Campaign // TV Spot 2

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