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Revolutionize Your Visitor Engagement with a CustomGPT Agent

Artificial intelligence has been making great strides in innovation in the past year. AI has the power to disrupt almost every industry. Relic Agency is now contributing to this wave of AI innovation, specifically in the destination marketing space.

We are proud to announce the launch of our innovative CustomGPT service, specifically designed for Destination Marketing Organizations. This state-of-the-art AI solution leverages advanced artificial intelligence to create personalized visitor experiences and itineraries, revolutionizing how destinations engage with their audiences.

Enhancing User Experience with a CustomGPT

At Relic, we understand that personalized, instant information is vital to building lasting connections with visitors. We’ve designed our CustomGPT service to act as a personal travel assistant, offering accurate and engaging responses that mirror the unique offerings of each destination. This ensures that every visitor receives information that is not only relevant but also captivating.

Imagine a visitor planning their trip to your destination and having immediate access to detailed, accurate, and engaging information tailored specifically to their interests. Whether they’re looking for the best local cuisine, hidden gems or must-see attractions, our CustomGPT can provide that information instantly, enhancing their overall experience.

For a use case example, take a look at one of our pilot CustomGPTs– the Myrtle Beach Guide. When asked the question, “Hi! I have two little ones under six, and my oldest is on the spectrum. Where are some places I can take them that they can have fun but not get overwhelmed?”

The Myrtle Beach Guide provided a robust list of five attractions in Myrtle Beach that are known to be both exciting for little kids and sensory-friendly. The GPT also gave each attraction’s address, phone number, website and a quick blurb on why each suggestion works 

well for this prospective family. 

There’s a noticeable difference when comparing this to the same question asked in the regular Chat GPT. Chat GPT provided a selection of activity ideas, but it fell short on expanding with important details like addresses, websites and contact information. It’s that surface-level travel inspiration that leaves users doing extra legwork. On the other hand, Myrtle Beach’s CustomGPT goes deeper, delivering all the pertinent information in one place. This way, visitors don’t need to do any additional Googling. It’s all right there, ready to enhance their travel planning experience.

Seamless AI Integration with Existing Destination Marketing Efforts

One of the standout features of our CustomGPT service is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a DMO’s existing marketing efforts. We train the AI with destination-specific information, ensuring it becomes an expert on everything related to your location. This means that the information provided is precise, up-to-date and reflective of your destination’s unique voice and brand. By incorporating our CustomGPT into your website or marketing campaigns, you can elevate your marketing strategy and stand out in the competitive tourism market.

Personalized, instant information is key to building lasting connections with visitors. Relic’s CustomGPT service is designed to be a personal travel assistant. This agent provides accurate and engaging responses that reflect the unique offerings of each destination. This enhances the visitor experience like nothing before it and encourages visits and repeat visits.

Comprehensive Development Process

The development of a custom destination GPT involves a meticulous and comprehensive process to ensure top-tier performance and relevance. We’re not just handing over a GPT uploaded with a few travel brochures and calling it a day. Here’s a glimpse into our approach:

  1. Information Gathering: To ensure the AI is well-informed, we collect extensive information about the destination. We cultivate this information from a DMO’s website, marketing materials, internal documents and more.
  2. AI Response Development: We develop and refine AI responses to ensure they are accurate, engaging and reflect the overall brand voice.
  3. Tailoring AI Functionality: We customize the AI’s functionality to meet the specific needs of the destination.
  4. Thorough Testing: We conduct rigorous testing to ensure flawless performance.
  5. Launch and Support: We assist with the launch and provide support to ensure the continuous performance.

The Future of AI and Destination Marketing

Relic’s CustomGPT service is set to revolutionize the way DMOs interact with visitors. By providing instant, personalized information, this service enhances the visitor experience and sets destinations apart from the competition. In today’s high-tech digital world, having access to accurate and engaging information at one’s fingertips can make all the difference. The CustomGPT service ensures that visitors have the best possible experience, encouraging them to return and explore more of what your destination has to offer.

This service isn’t just a game-changer for visitors looking to dive deeper into a destination; it’s also a powerful tool for destination marketing teams. Imagine having a resource that not only answers visitor inquiries but also helps your team generate content, address questions and even craft strategies and plans with ease. This CustomGPT serves as a master of both internal and external information about your brand, streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency. It’s like having an expert team member available 24/7, ensuring your marketing efforts are always on point and your visitors are well-informed. More and more industries are using AI to increase efficiency, and a CustomGPT is a great way to embrace the future.

Learn More and Get Started

For more information on how Relic’s CustomGPT can revolutionize your destination’s marketing efforts, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us here, visit our CustomGPT page or email Adam Stoker at

This CustomGPT service is just one example of how we are leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to enhance the visitor experience and support the growth of DMOs. Join us on this exciting journey and see how the CustomGPT can transform your destination marketing strategy.