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“I had so many people message me about the Canyon 2 Canyon Bike Ride and a lot of them were bummed it only happens once a year. They expressed a lot of interest in doing it next year!”

– Influencer Shannon Hall


Influencer marketing brings awareness to products, services and activities in the destination industry. In September 2018, Garfield County, known as Bryce Canyon Country, hosted influencer Shannon Hall (@heyshannonhall) at Ruby’s Inn for a variety of events. Activities included the Fly-in and Car Show, Canyon 2 Canyon Bike Ride event and hiking Bryce Canyon National Park.

Relic understood that Bryce Canyon Country often targets millennial-aged and adventurous audiences. With almost 17,000 engaged Instagram followers at the time, Shannon Hall fit the profile of the desired audience. On her trip to Bryce Canyon County, she posted at least one post and 2-3 stories per day. Her posts and stories highlighted the full experience including events, lodging and meals.



Within two months of the campaign launching in January of 2021, room bookings increased by 147% compared to the same period in 2020. Quarter one 2021 room bookings increased by 1,771% compared to quarter four of 2020. The success continued through 2021 with an average ROAS of 935% during the first five months of 2021.



With an amazing influencer, Relic helped Bryce Canyon Country highlight its unique attractions. Relic used the RACE method to identify a valuable influencer that matched the desired target audience. The Relic team looked for influencers with a high engagement rate and an adventurous personality. Shannon’s posts each reached over 5,000 users, allowing Bryce Canyon Country to engage with their desired audience. Through in-depth research, valuable social media posts and word-of-mouth recommendations, Relic aided Bryce Canyon Country in a successful influencer campaign. These efforts inspired an audience to visit with their own “bucket list” of activities.

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