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Saw Website Traffic Take-off by
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In the 14 months during the optimization period




In the 14 months during the optimization period

Average Google
ranking position


52 42

From December 2019 to February 2021


Relic began optimizing the Sun Print Solutions website in December 2019. At that time, there was very little organic traffic coming to the website. There were only 241 organic clicks to the website in December 2019. Relic made significant page changes that improved search engine optimization. By February 2021, there were over 1,000 organic clicks to the site in a single month.

The main opportunities Relic identified in this project were content-focused. The team updated many blog posts that already existed on the website. By building the pages around product and service-related keywords, the pages were better optimized. The website had many blog posts with thin content, cannibalized keyword intent and poor internal linking. Relic consolidated the under-performing blog posts into pages that have a clear topic, link to the main product pages and provide more value to customers.

Relic also created new pages about Sun Print Solutions’s printed products and services. When Relic took over search engine optimization, the website was getting very little traffic. The company provides a wide array of products and services but was missing dedicated pages for each product and service. There also were not very many internal links to these pages. Relic solved this by creating new pages and adding intuitive internal links to product and services pages, improving their relevance and value to both search engines and users.

Relic performed keyword research to help guide the generation of the new pages. One example of utilizing keyword research was with the keyword “brochure printing.” Relic saw the opportunity to feature Sun Print Solutions as a top-ranking result for this search term. One of the company’s pages about lithographic printing rose to the top and became a featured snippet for a search term, receiving nearly 3,000 searches per month.



Relic not only increased organic traffic to the Sun Print Solutions website but also improved organic clicks each month from December 2019 to February 2021. Over this period, the average ranking position on Google moved up from 51.9 to 42.5. The click-through rate has remained steady at 0.8%.



Relic used the RACE method to identify keywords that could benefit Sun Print Solutions. This research guided the team’s efforts in creating new pages and prioritizing content optimization efforts. Relic also looked at the entire sitemap to identify competing blog page topics and consolidate them for better ranking in the search engines. These efforts brought in more clicks for search terms with which the website could easily perform better. Relic worked with the client to decide which products and services to promote based on their business goals.

The team turned mediocre blog post content into stronger pages focused on a clear topic. They also updated information within the pages to be more helpful to website visitors. By matching search intent, users were more likely to see product landing pages to meet their needs and bring in new business for the client. These efforts led to higher search traffic for Sun Print Solutions and show the importance of optimizing and updating content.

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