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Myrtle Beach
Ice Shaker Games:

A Viral Hit with the Gronkowski Brothers


Campaign reach across key social media platforms




Relic teamed up with Visit Myrtle Beach and Ice Shaker to launch the Myrtle Beach Ice Shaker Games, a captivating 6-episode YouTube series featuring the Gronkowski brothers. This campaign was designed to boost Myrtle Beach’s appeal as a top travel destination and to increase brand visibility for Ice Shaker. The innovative mix of owned media and an interactive audience contest aimed to create buzz and drive engagement.



The campaign leveraged the star power of the Gronkowski brothers, integrating it with Ice Shaker’s brand and Myrtle Beach’s vibrant setting. Key to its success was the “Create Your Own Ice Shaker Beach Game” contest, which encouraged active viewer participation and content creation. This strategy significantly extended the campaign’s reach, impacting over 5,000,000 users across key social media platforms, including significant interactions on Instagram.



The Myrtle Beach Ice Shaker Games not only amplified the tourist and brand appeal of Myrtle Beach and Ice Shaker but also reinforced the effectiveness of integrating celebrity influence with user-generated content. The campaign set a new benchmark for how destinations can engage visitors online, resulting in a substantial boost in community interaction and setting a new standard for immersive, collaborative marketing campaigns.

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