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“When you reach people first where they make their plans, they’ll reach for you first when they make their purchases.”


Despite world circumstances in 2020 restricting travel, tourism accounts on Pinterest had a successful year with high impressions and engagement. These strong results were likely due to more people staying at home who were dreaming and planning future trips online. Relic’s client, Garfield County, saw great success due to marketing efforts on Pinterest. This case study compares Garfield County’s results to U.S. Pinterest data.



According to Pinterest, “When you reach people first where they make their plans, they’ll reach for you first when they make their purchases.” Relic ensured Garfield County maintained an active presence on Pinterest so users looking to visit could find them. By the end of 2020, Pinterest had 450 million monthly active users around the world with 98 million of those within the U.S. Comparing 2019 to 2020, Pinterest saw an 11% increase in U.S. users. In 2019, Garfield’s total audience was 51.42K. That audience rose to 1.28M in 2020, a 2,489% increase. Garfield County also received 75.54K impressions in 2019. That number rose to 2.94M in 2020, a 3,892% increase. Additionally, the engaged audience rose from 1.22K to 42.78K, a 3,507% increase.



Relic achieved these results due to eye-catching photography, enticing copy and frequent posting of pins linking to Garfield County’s blog. These efforts led to an increase in users becoming familiar with activities in Garfield. The data from this case study suggests that users chose Pinterest to plan future vacations. Pinterest is valuable for destinations deciding on social media services and effective search engine optimization strategies.

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